Privacy Policy

Your privacy is super important to us at Good Responses ( If you have questions about our Privacy Policy, feel free to reach out to us.

Our Privacy Policy is all about the info we collect on our website. It only applies to online activities here, not offline or on other channels.

By using our website, you’re giving us the thumbs up to our Privacy Policy. If we ever make changes, we’ll make sure to tell you.

Now, let’s talk about the info we collect. If you share personal details with us, we’ll let you know why we need it. This could be things like your name, email, or phone number.

We use this info in cool ways like running the website, making it better, and understanding how you use it. Sometimes we might send you emails or use the info to prevent fraud.

Our website also uses cookies (not the tasty kind). They help us customize your experience based on your preferences. We might have links to other websites, but we can’t control what they do. So, check out their privacy policies too.

California folks, under the CCPA, you’ve got rights, like asking us what personal data we have about you.

For our friends in the EU, you’ve got GDPR rights, like asking for a copy of your data or telling us to erase it.

We care about the little ones too. If you’re under 13, please don’t share personal info without your parent’s OK.

Got questions or concerns? Click here: We’re here to help!


Team Good Responses